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I have recently received a box of photographs and a photograph album which I believe were the property of Mrs Catherine Ashmuir Bamford nee Noble.

The photograph album has a title page which has the name John M. McDowell and the address Kilrudden House, Clogher, Co. Tyrone and the date 1863. I have posted the photographs from the album on the website at:

Photograph Album Part 1
Photograph Album Part 2
Photograph Album Part 3
Photograph Album Part 4

I am interested in finding out what the connection is between Mrs Bamford and the McDowell family. I suspect there may have been a marriage at some point between the Noble and McDowell families or between the Harpur and McDowell families. Mrs Bamford’s mother’s maiden name was Harpur.

Among the loose photographs are a number relating to Emeline Hill and members of her family. Emeline was an American archaeologist and maintained a correspondence with Mrs Bamford from at least the 1930s through to 1966 when Mrs Bamford died. Again I am trying to find out what the relationship was between the families, if any. More details and the photographs can be found at:
Emeline Hill 1910-1987

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