Stanley Family of Cams, Co. Roscommon

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Stanley Family of Cams Co. Roscommon

Patrick Stanley (recorded as Stanly), b 2/3/1883 in Cams
Father: John Stanly. Living in Cams
Mother: Bridget Stanley, formerly Scott
Baptised 11/3/1883

This is my grandfather. The evidence comes from his army record, which fits with all information passed down via his son (my father)

Other Roscommon Stanley members:

There were several Stanley families in the Cloverhill/Athleague area, but only one in Cams. This was John Stanly and Bridget Ormsby who married in 1865. He was 40 at the time and a widower. They had 4 children:
John, b 29/6/1866
Mary, b 1868
Michael, b 1870
Thomas, b 1873

There is a record of Michael Stanly dying in August 1879, aged 9.

There is another John Stanly born 21/6/1861, with siblings Patrick (who married in 1905), Ellen and Elizabeth. The parents of this clan were John Stanley and Bridget Kelly. (There seems to be a rule that if your name is John Stanley then you must marry a girl called Bridget!)

A girl called Mary Stanley married Patrick Muldoon in Cams Roman Catholic Church on 8/3/1887. She was 19. He was 22.

On the 1911 census, Patrick Stanley is recorded as living in Dewsbury with his sister Mary Muldoon and her son William. The age is not quite right. However the 1901 and 1891 census records are consistent and appear to confirm that it is the right person. There is a death recorded for Patrick Muldoon in 1900.

1 How many Stanley families were there in Roscommon in the 1880’s?
2 Did John Stanley (father of Patrick, b 1883) remarry after the birth of John, Mary, Michael and Thomas? If so, where and when?

Thanks Keith

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  1. Simon

    Hello Keith,

    Re. Stanleys in Roscommon. Here are some names I have collected over time despite no proven connection to my family at this stage. You probably have many already but something might be useful.

    The civil registers of birth for Counties Sligo and Roscommon over 1864 to 1873 record twelve names; all of these are within County Roscommon. They are William, John (two), Patrick (two), Thomas (two), Michael (two), Mary, Johanna and Daniel William. Interestingly, this is the first time Catholic Irish names (Patrick and Mary) make an appearance in juxtaposition to any Stanleys.

    Most of the nineteenth century censuses were destroyed in the fire at the Four Courts in Dublin in 1922. The records of the 1901 census, however, survived and include John (60), a farmer, at Cloonygormican parish, Ballyglass Lower townland, Patrick (45), a shopkeeper at Kiltullagh, Ballinlough townland, and Winie (60), a farmer’s widow in the parish of Oran, Island Lower townland.

    In the Griffith Valuation, there are no Stanleys whatsoever listed for the whole of Mayo, Leitrim and Donegal. Besides County Sligo, only Roscommon contains any Stanleys (or Stanlys) in that part of Ireland, nine in all, in the northern half of the county, and mostly clustered in and around the central-western Barony of Ballymoe. Their details are as follows: Catherine (Oran parish, Island Lower townland); James (Cloonygormican parish, Ballyglass Lower townland); Oliver (Cloonygormican parish, Ballyglass Lower townland); Patrick (Oran parish, Emlaghmore townland); Sarah (Kilkeevin parish, Clooncoose South); Thomas (Fuerty parish, Clooneenbaun townland); W.J. (sic) (Roscommon parish, Roscommon/Castle Street townland). There are also two Stanlys (sic): John (Dunamon parish, Emlaghyroyin townland); and Martin (Kilglass parish, Ballyfeeny townland).

    The Tithes Survey, meanwhile, shows two Stanleys, one in the parish of Ballintober in the Barony of Castlereagh and a Stanly (sic) in the parish of Bumlin in the Roscommon Barony, but neither of these have been investigated any further.

    In 1805 a William Stanley of Drumcliff parish, County Sligo, died 6 December, aged 72, at Boyle, Co Roscommon. Other Stanleys appear at Kilbride and Ballyleague.

    Among the Lorton Estate papers for the parish of Boyle are listed a William Stanley, lessee of a house in Bridge Street from June 1781. His third and youngest sons, Robert and John are also recorded in the lease.

    In 1749, the Church of Ireland bishop of Elphin conducted a diocesan census to ascertain the numbers of Catholic and Protestant souls within his cure. Within the Barony of Boyle and Parish of Ardcarn appears a John Stanley, farmer, living within the townland of Kilfaghna together with his wife, and five children under fourteen, all Protestant. In the nearby townland of Drumcormack, Hanah Stanly (sic), also a farmer, and a widow lived with her three children, again all Protestant.

    A list of Freeholders of County Roscommon, 1768-1799, includes a James Stanly (sic) and another list of Freeholders’ Land near Carrick, Co Roscommon, in 1768 details a James Stanly (sic) Pont and an Arthur Stanley.

    Good luck!

  2. Keith


    John, Mary, Michael and Thomas are the children of John’s second marriage. I now have sufficient evidence to convince me of this connection. The family is definitely Catholic, and seems to be based in Fuerty parish.I’ll keep digging.



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