Emeline Hill (1910 – 1999)

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Mrs Bamford corresponded with Emeline Hill over 20 years to my knowledge. Emeline was an archaeologist and sent postcards regularly from her trips to Europe. I had assumed they were related in some way, but was perplexed when I discovered that Emeline was born in the United States and there was no apparent connection with Ireland. I would be grateful if anyone knows what the connection between them was.

Wikipaedia has an entry for her at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emeline_Hill_Richardson

These are some of the photographs, cards and newspaper cuttings that I can link to Emeline.

The reverse of the photograph has the note

Image 3

This is taken from the Boston Herald, Monday, June 20, 1932 the text reads Emeline Hill of Washington, class poet at class day exercises today.

Image 2

The reverse of the photo reads June 9 1945 Margaret's wedding 1-Emeline 2-Marianne 3-Margaret (numbered from left to right)

Image 4
Is this Marianne?
Image 5
June 9th 1945 at Margarets Wedding – Margaret & Otto Wittman, 2335 California St, Garden
Image 6
Mr & Mrs Otto Wittman – Captain at the moment
Image 7
The card reads The Porches, Brookeville, Md.
Dear Katie, Send me a picture of yours, please. Does it look as cute as this? Mrs Burgess….
Image 8
…could not tell me the new address, so I was afraid to send books and have them forwarded. Please use the draft for some extra thing for the new house. We expect to spend most of the holidays out on the farm cleaning up the old honey suckle & poison ivy and having a grand time. We come home the 22nd.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Emeline Hill.
This was probably written in 1953, after Mrs Bamford had moved to 2 Newry Road, Warrenpoint.
Image 9
My little garden is back of this. It was the old veg. garden.
Image 10
Peggy & Grandpa – Brookeville Sept 1946

Image 11

Peggy, age 12, March '56

Image 13

Peggy deBeers, June 27, 1961

This may well be the same Peggy deBeers who attended Bethseda Chevy Chase High School

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