Edward John Theodore Stanley

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Edward J. T. Stanley was born 3 July, 1880 at Dalkey, Dublin.  He was the son of George Wilson Stanley, Dalkey, later residing at Croydon, Surrey.  George Wilson was my great grandfather.

Edward had a degree at Trinity College, Dublin. Then became a Cleryman at a Church in Belfast.  He went to China as a Missionary in 1906.  Also a Vicar of the Christ Church in Dover.  In the 30’s he went to live in France as a Missionary and was caught there when German occupation began.  He escaped to Spain but was torpeoed on his way home and drowned at sea.

In memory of civilian the Revd Edward John Theodore Stanley, civilian war dead who died age 61 on 25 Sept. 1941.  Also in memory of Elizabeth Rebecca Frances Stanley, his sister, who died age 58 at sea.   Remembered with honour – S.S. Avoceta, the ship they were on.

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