Stanley Family of Co. Roscommon

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These are details I recently received from Keith Stanley relating to his family in Co Roscommon.

1. John Stanley (my great grandfather) born around 1825

1.1. His father (my great, great grandfather) was also called John (from wedding record) – must have been born pre 1809

2. John Stanley (Stanly) married firstly to ‘unknown’, presumably in the late 1840s

2.1. Catherine born 1850 –1854 in Roscommon

2.2. Possible other siblings

2.3. Details of death of first wife not known

2.4. Kate married Uriah Senior in Q3 1879 in Dewsbury

2.4.1. Maria (Mary?) Senior born 1885

2.4.2. Mary married Charles Musgrave

2.4.3. Catherine A Senior born 1889

3. John Stanley married, secondly, Bridget Ormsby (daughter of Arthur) in May 1865

3.1. John born 2/6/1866, in Cams, Fuerty

3.1.1. John is living with Kate (2.1) in 1891 in Dewsbury

3.1.2. John married Catherine Delaney in Q4 1894 in Dewsbury Bridget born 1897 John born 1898 Catherine has probably died by 1911

3.2. Mary born 2/7/1868, in Rockfield, Fuerty

3.2.1. Married Patrick Muldoon in Cams Roman Catholic Church on 18/3/1887.

3.2.2. John Muldoon born 3/4/1887 in Ireland (Ballyleague Civil Births)

3.2.3. William Muldoon born 1892 in Dewsbury

3.2.4. Patrick Muldoon died in 1900

3.3. Michael born 7/9/1870 in Rockfield, Fuerty (died 3/8/1879)

3.4. Thomas born 2/7/1873 in Rockfield, Fuerty (probably emigrated to USA, married, had no children)

3.5. Details of death of second wife not known

4. John Stanley married thirdly Bridget Scott (no record located)

4.1. PATRICK born March 1883

4.2. Patrick shows Mary (3.2) as next of kin when joining the Militia in August 1902

4.3. Patrick is living with Mary (3.2) in 1911 in Dewsbury

4.4. Possible other siblings

5. John Stanley, of Cloonenbane, Fuerty, died 23/2/1898 aged 77 Witness: Bridget Stanley This is probably the thrice married John

There is another John Stanly born 21/6/1861, with siblings Patrick (who married in 1905), Ellen and Elizabeth. The parents of this clan were John Stanley and Bridget Kelly. (There seems to be a rule that if your name is John Stanley then you must marry a girl called Bridget!)

A John Stanly married Mary Grehan Q1, 1882 in Roscommon

A John Stanly married Ellenor McCormack Q4, 1882 in Roscommon

Bridget Stanly, born 1814, died Q2, 1890 aged 76 in Roscommon

Bridget Stanly, born 1832, died 1, 1892, aged 60 in Roscommon

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