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Stanley Family from Newbridge? Co. Kildare

Posted by on Sunday, 9 January, 2011

Stanley Family from Newbridge? Co. Kildare

1.      Patrick Stanley & siblings

1.1.   Mary, b 6/12/1878

1.2.   Thomas, b 18/7/1880 (Married Maria Cleary 12/8/1914 in Newbridge Church

1.3.   Catherine, b 4/6/1882

1.4.   Patrick, b 22/3/1884 – joined the Police in England. Wounded in WW1. Never married. Died aged 75

1.5.   Andrew, b 22/5/1886

1.6.   John, b 9/2/1888 (Married Elizabeth O’Reilly of Kilternan at St. Patrick’s Church, Glencullen on 7/2/1915)

1.7.   James, b 17/5/1890 (Received sub-diaconate 14/7/1918)

1.8.   Michael, b 12/1/1892 (Married Dinah Duffy)

1.9.   Annie (b 1894? (on 1901 census aged 6)

1.10.                    Laurence, b 19/5/1896 (Married Mary Nolan, County Carlow, 19/5/1926) – known as Larry. Appeared in the 1924 Olympics as a high jumper. He was a notable Gaelic footballer.

2.      Father’s line

2.1.   John Stanley, b 1848 (aged 53 on the 1901 census)

2.2.   Unknown other siblings

2.3.   Married Jane Keogh 13/2/1878

2.4.   Parents: Thomas Stanley and Catherine Walsh

3.      Mother’s line

3.1.   Jane Keogh, b 1853 (48 at the time of 1901 census)

3.2.   Unknown other siblings

3.3.   Parents: Andrew Keogh and Anne Kearney

The County Kildare Library & Arts Service supplied most of the information above.

In 2007 I spoke to James Clarke. I believe (although I can’t find my notes to confirm) that he is the son of Annie (ref 1.9 above). He said that the entire family were tall. This is to be expected if one of them was a high jumper.

I am descended from a Patrick Stanley. The one recorded above clearly isn’t the right one. Also my Grandfather was only 5’ 5½” tall.

Keith Stanley

Stanley Family of Cams, Co. Roscommon

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Stanley Family of Cams Co. Roscommon

Patrick Stanley (recorded as Stanly), b 2/3/1883 in Cams
Father: John Stanly. Living in Cams
Mother: Bridget Stanley, formerly Scott
Baptised 11/3/1883

This is my grandfather. The evidence comes from his army record, which fits with all information passed down via his son (my father)

Other Roscommon Stanley members:

There were several Stanley families in the Cloverhill/Athleague area, but only one in Cams. This was John Stanly and Bridget Ormsby who married in 1865. He was 40 at the time and a widower. They had 4 children:
John, b 29/6/1866
Mary, b 1868
Michael, b 1870
Thomas, b 1873

There is a record of Michael Stanly dying in August 1879, aged 9.

There is another John Stanly born 21/6/1861, with siblings Patrick (who married in 1905), Ellen and Elizabeth. The parents of this clan were John Stanley and Bridget Kelly. (There seems to be a rule that if your name is John Stanley then you must marry a girl called Bridget!)

A girl called Mary Stanley married Patrick Muldoon in Cams Roman Catholic Church on 8/3/1887. She was 19. He was 22.

On the 1911 census, Patrick Stanley is recorded as living in Dewsbury with his sister Mary Muldoon and her son William. The age is not quite right. However the 1901 and 1891 census records are consistent and appear to confirm that it is the right person. There is a death recorded for Patrick Muldoon in 1900.

1 How many Stanley families were there in Roscommon in the 1880’s?
2 Did John Stanley (father of Patrick, b 1883) remarry after the birth of John, Mary, Michael and Thomas? If so, where and when?

Thanks Keith

New Member – Keith Stanley

Posted by on Sunday, 9 January, 2011

We have a new member to the website – Keith Stanley.

He is looking for help and has submitted two lots of information for the website – one on a Stanley family in Co Kildare that turned out not to be his and one on a Stanley family in Co Roscommon which he thinks is his and he is seeking more information about them.