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Stanleys from Kilkenny West

Posted by on Sunday, 12 February, 2012

As I can’t find any of my Robert Stanleys of Athlone buried at St. Mary’s, I notice Kilkenny West has an old graveyard about 4-5 miles out of Athlone. Perhaps some of the Stanleys were buried there.

Would anyone have access to Kilkenny West graveyard or who I could contact for records.  Also I notice at end of North Gate St. many headstones are from that graveyard.

Thank you to anyone that could help.




Henry Adamson

Posted by on Sunday, 13 November, 2011

Hello all – I am still on the search for George Adamson Stanley & working my way around him.  Would anyone know of a Henry Adamson.  It appears Henry Adamson was from Moate & a letter was written by him concerning George Adamson Stanley, his nephew.  Letter written from Moate Castle in April 1815.  Would anyone know of Henry Adamson or a Robert Adamson or anything about the Moate Castle.  Thank you.

The family of Henry Taaffe Irwin and Catharine Stanley married 1813

Posted by on Monday, 16 May, 2011

I’d like to welcome Donna to the website she is a descendant of the above-named  family and I include an extract from an e-mail she sent to me earlier.

I’m a descendant of Catharine Stanley (1793-1854) daughter of James Stanley and Elizabeth Ireland.  Catharine married Henry Taaffe Irwin in 1813.  The family is listed below:

Henry Taaffe Irwin bc 1890  d1853 married 1813 Catharine Stanley b1793 d1854

Jones Taaffe Irwin b1814 Kilkenny West, Co. Westmeath, Ireland – d1853 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Elizabeth Irwin, b1815 Kilkenny West, Co. Westmeath, Ireland – d1873 Boston, MA

James S. Irwin, b1820 Kilkenny West, Co. Westmeath, Ireland

Eliza Irwin, bc1821

Hannah Irwin, bc1822

Maria S. Irwin bc1823 – died 1848 Woburn, MA, USA

Magdalene Augusta Irwin, b1824 Congleton, Cheshire, England – d1878 Brooklyn, New York, USA

Kathleen Irwin, b1828 Kilkenny West, Co. Westmeath, Ireland

John Decourcy Irwin, bc1830 Ireland – died 1897 Boston, MA, USA

Catharine Irwin bc1832 England – died 1901 Gloucester, MA USA

Edward Edmund Irwin bc1834 Ireland – died 1852 Boston, MA, USA

Susan S. Irwin, bc1837 County Sligo, Ireland – died 1918 Washington, DC

Children of James and Elizabeth Stanley

Posted by on Thursday, 15 July, 2010

James Stanley (1762-1845) of Bethlehem, Co. Westmeath and Elizabeth Ireland (c1766-1832) were married 06 July 1786. The standard published genealogies disclose only one child – William James Stanley, born 1798. However, as Peter Stanley in his 1998 book The House of Stanley observed “Pedigrees are generally restricted to the issue of elder sons”. In fact, other sources reveal that in the nineteen years between 1788 and 1807, James and Elizabeth had thirteen children, of whom eight survived childhood.

There are three sources to support this:

(i) a C19th manuscript list of all thirteen children, in the possession of a descendant;
(ii) the parish records of Kilkenny West held by the Church of Ireland’s Representative Church Body Library in Dublin; and
(iii) a manuscript pedigree produced by the Office of Arms and held by the National Library of Ireland in Dublin.

C19th manuscript
(i) The C19th manuscript listing all thirteen children with accompanying dates of birth (and death where applicable) appears to have been written by one of the grandchildren of James and Elizabeth.

Kilkenny West parish records
(ii) The C19th century manuscript is corroborated by the parish records of Kilkenny West church, Co Westmeath in terms of the names, dates and order of children – but only so far as the last seven are concerned. The dates of baptism correspond perfectly with the dates of birth in six of the seven cases. The first six children do not appear in the parish’s records so were evidently baptised elsewhere.

Heraldic Pedigree
(iii) The heraldic pedigree (NLI. GO. MS. 8307) which purports to list the children of James and Elizabeth with spouses is (a) incomplete, having neither Elizabeth Ireland’s Christian name, nor any of the infants, nor two of the adults known to have married (b) in the wrong chronological order (c) incorrect in that the Christian name of at least one spouse is known to be wrong (although the surname is correct) and (d) partial – since William James Stanley’s line is full, detailed and presumably accurate, up to 1920, unlike those of everyone else. It does however corroborate the manuscript list (i) in several respects and certainly explodes the idea that William James was an only child.

The complete list of children is therefore as follows:

Magdalene + 1788-1805
James + 1789-1789
Edmond 1790-
Eliza + 1792-92
Catherine 1793-1854
Elizabeth 1795

James + 1797-1797
baptised Kilkenny West 12 Feb 1797 “son of James and Elizabeth Stanley”

William James 1798-1885
baptised Kilkenny West 18 March 1798 “son of James and Elizabeth Stanley”

Richard 1799-1864
baptised Kilkenny West 28 Oct 1799 “son of James and Elizabeth Stanley”

Susan 1801
baptised Kilkenny West 26 April 1801 “dau of James and Elizabeth Stanley”

Anne + 1802-1803
baptised Kilkenny West 29 Sept 1802? “dau of James and Elizabeth Stanley”

Arthur 1803-1880
baptised Kilkenny West 10 April 1803 “son of James and Elizabeth Stanley”

Magdalen 1807-1885
baptised Kilkenny West 13 June 1807 “dau of James and Elizabeth Stanley”

Obviously, there is still some work to do here.  Did Kilkenny West records only begin c1797?  Was the family based elsewhere between 1788 and 1797?  (Not at St Werburgh’s, Dublin).  Are there any nearby parishes, perhaps closer to Low Park, that might be likely candidates?

Thomas Stanley

Posted by on Sunday, 6 June, 2010

Help – I am looking for Sergeant Thomas Stanley – Saddler, late 4th Dragoon Guards who died 21 October, 1812.  Only bit of information is that he was born at Athlone, Co. Westmeath.

Stanleys of Dublin and Low Park Christening Records

Posted by on Monday, 3 May, 2010

The family of James Stanley (1727-65) and Jane Kelly of Low Park, nr Athlone, Co Westmeath, have variously been listed as Edmond (later Sir) Stanley; Edmond and James (later of Bethlehem); and Edmond and James togther with two daughters both of whom married members of the Ireland family.

Having now consulted the original records of St Werburgh’s church, Dublin held by the RCB Library in Braemar Park, Dublin over the period January 1724/5 to December 1800, the full story is as follows:

Anno Domini 1753
1753 14th December
Elizabeth-Maria, daughter of James and Jane Stanley,
Hoey’s Court

1755 3rd March
Catherine, daughter of James and Jane Stanley,
Hoey’s Court

1757 11th December
Susanna, daughter of James and Jane Stanley.
Hoey’s Court

1759 25th November
Jane, daughter of James and Jane Stanley,
Hoey’s Court

1760 7th December
Edmond (sic), son of James and Jane Stanley
Hoey’s Court

1762 21st September
James, son of James and Jane Stanley,
Hoey’s Court

1764 19th February
Jane, daughter of James and Jane Stanley,
Hoey’s Court

1765 2nd May
Rebecca, daughter of James and Jane Stanley,
Hoey’s Court

All were christened by the Rector, Sir Philip Hoby, Bart.

James Stanley was an ‘attorney’, the term used for lawyers who practised in the common law courts, rather than appearing as advocates in the higher courts, a role reserved (as it still generally is) for barristers. (In 1873 attorneys were redesignated as solicitors).

Edward Stanley of Athlone

Posted by on Monday, 8 February, 2010

Searching for an Edward Stanley, birth u/k, residing at Athlone.  Wife is Eliz. Adamson.  Was town bailiff  in 1787.  Two daughters Margaret & Catherine.  Also an unnamed child baptized at St. Mary’s C of I in 1786.


Robert Stanley of Athlone

Posted by on Saturday, 30 January, 2010

I am searching for Robert Stanley, b: 1757 of Inchmore who married Anne Adamson, b: 1755 of Cloghan, Westmeath.  In 1786  he was residing in Athlone.  He was a Church Warden in 1786 & also a Vestryman between 1785-1803.  He was from the Parish of St. Mary’s (C of I).

It is believed he had a son George Adamson Stanley, b: 1796-97 in Dublin.  He married an Anne Douglas. Also known as Fuller.  He died in Dublin 1872.

Robert’s (1757) father was also Robert, b:1727 at Inchmore. He married Jane at Naas, Kildare in 1755.

If anyone has any information on this family, it would be gratefully appreciated.  Thank you.