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The family of Henry Taaffe Irwin and Catharine Stanley married 1813

Posted by on Monday, 16 May, 2011

I’d like to welcome Donna to the website she is a descendant of the above-named  family and I include an extract from an e-mail she sent to me earlier.

I’m a descendant of Catharine Stanley (1793-1854) daughter of James Stanley and Elizabeth Ireland.  Catharine married Henry Taaffe Irwin in 1813.  The family is listed below:

Henry Taaffe Irwin bc 1890  d1853 married 1813 Catharine Stanley b1793 d1854

Jones Taaffe Irwin b1814 Kilkenny West, Co. Westmeath, Ireland – d1853 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Elizabeth Irwin, b1815 Kilkenny West, Co. Westmeath, Ireland – d1873 Boston, MA

James S. Irwin, b1820 Kilkenny West, Co. Westmeath, Ireland

Eliza Irwin, bc1821

Hannah Irwin, bc1822

Maria S. Irwin bc1823 – died 1848 Woburn, MA, USA

Magdalene Augusta Irwin, b1824 Congleton, Cheshire, England – d1878 Brooklyn, New York, USA

Kathleen Irwin, b1828 Kilkenny West, Co. Westmeath, Ireland

John Decourcy Irwin, bc1830 Ireland – died 1897 Boston, MA, USA

Catharine Irwin bc1832 England – died 1901 Gloucester, MA USA

Edward Edmund Irwin bc1834 Ireland – died 1852 Boston, MA, USA

Susan S. Irwin, bc1837 County Sligo, Ireland – died 1918 Washington, DC