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Edward Stanley; Vicar, 1801; Prebendary, 1806.

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Vicars of the Parish of Errigal Trough in the Diocese of Clogher and in counties Monaghan and Tyrone.

1801 – Edward Stanley was collated on December 18, 1801 (Diocesan Register); he resigned on May 9, 1806 to become Prebendary of Tyholland.

Prebendaries of the Parish of Tyholland (or Tehallen) in the Diocese of Clogher and in Co. Monaghan.

1806 – Edward Stanley was collated on May 9, 1806, (First Fruit Returns). He was the eldest son of Arthur Stanley, Pharmacopola [Chemist] of Dublin. He was born in Dublin and educated by Dr Norris of Drogheda. He entered Trinity College Dublin on October 29, 1788 at the age of 16 and graduated with a B.A. in 1792 and a M.A. in 1806. He was Vicar of Errigletrough from 1801-1806. He died intestate on April 14, 1822 at the age of 40. (Mont. in Tehallen). His wife Charlotte was granted administration of his estate in 1822, she died on October 10 1829 at the age of 57.

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Some information on Edward Stanley’s father Arthur can be found at:″