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Stanleys of Taney

Posted by on Saturday, 14 April, 2012

Hello All.  Would anyone know of any Stanleys that resided in the Taney Parish area?   I believe it is located in South Co. Dublin & about 7 km (4 miles) South of Dublin City Centre.   Thank you.

George Adamson Stanley of Dublin

Posted by on Saturday, 18 February, 2012

Would anyone who is going over to the RCB Library be willing to do a search for George Adamson Stanley’s birth certificate, born 1796, Parish of St. Peter’s. 

Any response would be greatly appreciated.


Stanleys from Kilkenny West

Posted by on Sunday, 12 February, 2012

As I can’t find any of my Robert Stanleys of Athlone buried at St. Mary’s, I notice Kilkenny West has an old graveyard about 4-5 miles out of Athlone. Perhaps some of the Stanleys were buried there.

Would anyone have access to Kilkenny West graveyard or who I could contact for records.  Also I notice at end of North Gate St. many headstones are from that graveyard.

Thank you to anyone that could help.




Henry Adamson

Posted by on Sunday, 13 November, 2011

Hello all – I am still on the search for George Adamson Stanley & working my way around him.  Would anyone know of a Henry Adamson.  It appears Henry Adamson was from Moate & a letter was written by him concerning George Adamson Stanley, his nephew.  Letter written from Moate Castle in April 1815.  Would anyone know of Henry Adamson or a Robert Adamson or anything about the Moate Castle.  Thank you.

Frederick Stanley Ireland

Posted by on Friday, 15 July, 2011

After noting the family of James Staney/Jane Kelly, there is a note that there are a lot of connections between Stanleys & Irelands.

Would anyone know of a Frederick Stanley Ireland, b: 1845,  father John and Lydia Stanley, b: 1847, parents Henry Stanley & Eliz. Vincent.  I have the marriage certificate.  They had 7 children.   With all these Stanleys/Irelands, I wonder if anyone knows of these two & how they may connect to the Irelands mentioned.   Thank you.




John Bacon Stanley

Posted by on Monday, 7 June, 2010

John Bacon Stanley was born 1776, Dublin.  Died 21 Sept. 21, 1832, St. James, Dublin.  Married May 3, 1800 St. Thomas, Barbara Lynch, daughter of Henry Francis Blosse Lynch.  They had a son Henry V. Stanley.

Henry Valentine Stanley, b: 1805 at Gardenrath, Meath.  Died – 1856 at Beech Hill, Grand Canal St. Dublin  He married Elizabeth Vincent in 1835.  Father of Eliz. was John Crawford Vincent.

Henry & Eliz. had a daughter Lydia, b: 1847???  Married Frederick Stanley Ireland Nov. 1868, Parish of Belfast.   Frederick’s parents were Thomas Ireland & Cecilia Stanley.

Would anyone have any further info. on this family.

James Stanley/Jane Kelly

Posted by on Monday, 7 June, 2010

I am a direct line of James Stanley & family.

(1) Catherine married Brinsley Hewetson (2) Susanna married DeCourey Ireland on 2 July, 1774 at St. Peter’s, Dublin (3) Sir Edmond married Jane Talbot on 11 Aug, 1786, (4) Eliz. Maria married Richard Ireland (5) James married Eliz. Ireland.

Simon – I do not have the children of James & Eliz. Ireland.  If you could relate them to me, it would be appreciated.  Thank you.

There are a lot of connections between the Stanleys & Irelands

Thomas Stanley

Posted by on Sunday, 6 June, 2010

Help – I am looking for Sergeant Thomas Stanley – Saddler, late 4th Dragoon Guards who died 21 October, 1812.  Only bit of information is that he was born at Athlone, Co. Westmeath.

Edward John Theodore Stanley

Posted by on Thursday, 11 March, 2010

Edward J. T. Stanley was born 3 July, 1880 at Dalkey, Dublin.  He was the son of George Wilson Stanley, Dalkey, later residing at Croydon, Surrey.  George Wilson was my great grandfather.

Edward had a degree at Trinity College, Dublin. Then became a Cleryman at a Church in Belfast.  He went to China as a Missionary in 1906.  Also a Vicar of the Christ Church in Dover.  In the 30’s he went to live in France as a Missionary and was caught there when German occupation began.  He escaped to Spain but was torpeoed on his way home and drowned at sea.

In memory of civilian the Revd Edward John Theodore Stanley, civilian war dead who died age 61 on 25 Sept. 1941.  Also in memory of Elizabeth Rebecca Frances Stanley, his sister, who died age 58 at sea.   Remembered with honour – S.S. Avoceta, the ship they were on.

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Mary Ann Stanley, 1801-1881

Posted by on Monday, 8 February, 2010

Mary Ann, the only child of Sir Edmond & Jane Talbot, was born 24 Oct. 1801.  Died 7 Jan. 1881.

Mary Ann was born in Ireland some 15 years after her parents were married. Edmond was 44.  She had quite an interesting life travelling to far off places with her parents.  Her mother & herself spent 5 months travelling home, perhaps for some more advanced schooling with her rapidly approaching status as a young lady of quality.

This event must have been tarnished somewhat by her elopement & marriage of 1815 to a widower 16 years her senior. His name was Edward Trant Bontein, Army Captain, b: 1785 in Balglas, Scotland. She was not quite 14 years of age. There were no objections to the match but those which arose from her extreme youth.

Her first son Edward was born Jan 1818 & was only 4 months old when the family all sailed for Madras to join Sir Edmond. Just under a year later in Sept. 1819 she gave birth to her second son James.  Only two months later her husband died while in service at the age of 34. She was only 18 at the time.  The family stayed in Madras, leaving in 1824.

Little is known of her life thereafter except that towards the end of her father’s life, her mother having already died, she was living with him at Richmond. By this time her sons surnames had been changed to Stanley by Royal License, registered at the College of Arms. Mary Ann referred to herself as Mrs. Bontain Stanley. It was the condition of Sir Edmond’s Will that she should take back the name Stanley & pass it on to her sons.  Interestingly she had the full support of Sir James Bontain, her father-in-law. She lived most of her life in rather elevated circles in Brussels where she moved & is buried.

The late Mrs. Bontein Stanley was very much respected by all indicated by the large number who assembled at her house afterwards joined in the funeral service in the English Church Rue Belliard. It was quite evident that all present were deeply affected on bidding a final farewell to one who had been such a universal favourite & whose generous efforts in the cause of charity will long be remembered.

Further information on Edmond Stanley can be found at:″