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The Marriages of William James McDowell

William James McDowell married twice, he first married Eliza Stanley on 8th June 1897. Following her death in 1903, he married Ann Maria Walker on 12th September 1908.

The Family of Eliza Stanley and William James McDowell
The Family of William James McDowell and Ann Maria Walker.

Ralph Stanley – Unconfirmed Link

This link is not confirmed by any evidence, it is an assumption based on the fact that both Ralphs in question have roughly the same dates, both Ralphs were married to an Elzabeth (Woods in the case of Ralph son of Thomas) and that one Ralph has a daughter named Dorothea, and the other a mother called Dorothea. 

The problem is not helped by the habit of repeating forenames throughout the Stanley family, particularly in the case of Charles, Henry and John.

Ralph Stanley (17??-1862)

The Family of Ralph Stanley and Elizabeth Woods

Ralph Stanley (17??-1862)
Elizabeth Woods (17??-18??)
Married: 181?
Ann Stanley (1813-1887)
Thomas David Stanley (1815-1899)
Dorothea Stanley (1818-1893)
John Stanley (1824-1883)

Ralph and Elizabeth may have had more than four children, but these are only four mentioned in his will. The children’s year of birth have been calculated from their age given on their death registration.

Ralph Stanley’s will is available on the PRONI website at

The Family of John Stanley and Mary Hewitt

John Stanley (1824-1883)
Mary Hewitt (183?-1925)
Married: 1st July 1862
Ralph Stanley (1864-1955)
John Stanley (1865-1932)
Eliza Stanley (1866-1903)
Susan Stanley (1868-1935)
Richard Alfred Stanley (1870-1956)
Phoebe Stanley (1872-19??)
Mary Jane Stanley (1875-19??)
Thomas Charles Stanley (1877-19??)

Eldon Index

Annie Eldon (1912-19??)
Bertha Jane Eldon (1905-19??)
David Eldon (1912-19??)
John James Eldon (1903-19??)
Joseph Eldon (1907-19??)
Mabel Eldon (1916-19??)
Marion (Miriam) Eldon (1904-1961)
Samuel Eldon (187?-19??)
Sophia Eldon (1910-19??))