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Hewitt Index

Mary Hewitt (183?-1925)
Richard Hewitt (1875-19??)
Robert Hewitt (18??-191?)
Robert William Hewitt (1880-19??)
Ruth Hewitt (1882-19??)
Susan Hewitt (18??-19??)
Susan Elizabeth Hewitt (1885-19??)

McDowell Index

Alfred McDowell (1912-19??)
John Alexander McDowell (1903-19??)
Martha McDowell (1898-19??)
Susan McDowell (1900-19??)
Samuel Arthur McDowell (1911-19??)
Sarah Elizabeth McDowell (1909-19??)
Susan McDowell (1900-19??)
Thomas Robert McDowell (1916-19??)
William James McDowell (186?-19??)

The Marriages of William James McDowell

William James McDowell married twice, he first married Eliza Stanley on 8th June 1897. Following her death in 1903, he married Ann Maria Walker on 12th September 1908.

The Family of Eliza Stanley and William James McDowell
The Family of William James McDowell and Ann Maria Walker.