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The Family of Janetta Margaret Elizabeth Browne and William Ellerton Bryan Fry

Janetta Margaret Elizabeth Browne (1886-19??)
William Ellerton Ryan Fry (188?-19??)
Married: 12 September 1913

William Ellerton Ryan Fry was the son of William Ellerton Fry who served in the Pioneer Corps in South Africa in the 1890s and subsequently made his home there.

The family had a baby girl on 15th October 1915 in Oaklee, Rondebosh, South Africa and a son on 27th September 1920 in Harrow, Cape Province, South Africa. Another son was Anthony Ellerton Ryan Fry a Flying Officer in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve who was awarded a Distinguished Flying Cross in December 1940. He reached the rank of Flight Lieutenant before being killed a few months later on 28th April 1941. He was aged 23 and had completed a B.Sc. (Hons) at London University.

The Family of Mary Eleanor Browne and William Brewster Dunn

Mary Eleanor Browne (1882-19??)
William Brewster Dunn (187?-19??)
Married: 17th August 1910

Mary Eleanor Brown married William Brewster Dunn, a Captain in the 4th Battalion Dublin Fusiliers, son of William H. Dunn, gentleman. They were married in St Anne’s Parish Church, Dungannon, the wedding was witnessed by Thomas Wallace Dickie, and the bride’s sister Elizabeth Browne.

The Family of Helen McGregor Milne and Patrick Tallan

Helen McGregor Milne (1884-19??
Patrick Tallan (1876?-1933)
Married: 11th January 1913
Paricia Margaret Tallan (1914-19??)

Patrick was born in Drogheda in 1876?, the son of Thomas Tallan a Merchant.

Patrick had two children from an earlier marriage, he married Julia Mary Tiernan the daughter of James Tiernan, a merchant in Wilkinstown, Co. Meath on 27th April 1904. Julia died on 25th March 1908.

The children from this marriage were:
Gladys Mary Louise Tallan born 21st August 1905.
Constance Tallan born 1907/8

Gladys married Thomas Cashel Mulhall Corbet, the son of Thomas Mulhall Corbet, on 8th June 1932 in St Michael’s Church, Dun Laoghaire. Father and son were Doctors and the son was living in Dun Laoghaire at the time of the marriage. Robert Mulhall Corbet, Constance and Beatrice Tallan were witnesses. There do not appear to be birth or marriage registrations for Constance or Beatrice at so it is impossible to tell if Beatrice is a full sister to Patricia Margaret or a cousin. The Tatler mentions “the marriage is taking place in India on April 15 between Mr. T. L. Hughes, 20th Lancers, the son of the late Lieutenant- Colonel E. M. Hughes, and Mrs. Luard, of Hambledon, Henley-on-Thames and Miss Constance Tallan” in its edition of 19th February 1936. There are also mentions of a Constance Tallan appearing on radio in plays and readings in 1929 and 1930.

Milne Index

Alexander Milne (1842?-1915)
Caroline Annette Frances Milne (1882-19??)
Charles Todd Dawson Milne (1876-19??)
Eleanor Stuart Milne (1893-19??)
Helen McGregor Milne (1884-19??)
Minnie Dawson Milne (1879-19??)
Nora Frances Maude Milne (1881-1942)

The Family of Richard Pike and Margaret ?


Richard Pike (1815-1885)
Margaret ? (1824-1886)
Married: 184?
Wilhemina Pike (184?-1924)
Margaret Pike (1846-1886)
Sarah Pike (1846-1899)
Anna Maria Pike (1851-1888)
Jonathan Pike (1852-1882)
Jane Nicholson Pike (185?-19??)
Charlotte Pike (184?-1910)
Marion Pike (185?-19??)
Elizabeth Barrington Pike (1855-1887)
James Pike (185?-19??)
Richard Pike (185?-19??)
Lilian Ethel Pike (1863-1901)
Mary Busby Pike (186?-1891)

The will of Richard Pike can be found here.

The Pikes like the Greers were involved in the linen industry, the family home was Beechgrove in the townland of Farlough, in the parish of Tullyniskan, Co. Tyrone. The linen business was Jonathan Pike and Sons, Jonathan being the father of Richard Pike. The family were members of the Society of Friends (Quakers) and marriages of Richard’s children tended to be to members of other linen families and in the Quaker faith. The years of birth quoted above are approximate as they depend on ages quoted on death certificates which can be inaccurate. The only marriages and children that are followed up on other pages are those of Elizabeth Barrington Pike and Lilian Ethel Pike, who married into the Greer family.

Wilhemina Pike married Benjamin Glasgow of Drapersfield, Dungannon on 16th February 1864.

Charlotte Pike married Rev. William Henry Greer on 5th September 1867. He was the 4th cousin of Henry Francis Greer and Francis Henry Greer. Following his death Charlotte then married Robert William Scott youngest son of the late James Scott, Bloomhill on 26th April 1876.

Margaret Pike married Jonathan Hogg Barcroft, fifth son of John Pim Barcroft of Stangmore House, Dungannon on 25th August 1869.

Sarah Pike married James Wood, only son of James Wood of Hill Head, Cullybackey on 16th November 1869.

Anna Maria Pike married her cousin Joseph Richard Pike, son of James Nicholson Pike of Clifton Street, Belfast on 22nd January 1872. Following his death she married John Barcroft, eldest son of John Pim Barcroft of Stangmore House, Dungannon on 3rd July 1878.

Marion Pike married Robert Daniel son of Samuel Daniel, The Oaklands, Timperley, Cheshire on 19th April 1873.

Jonathan Pike married Susan Uprichard eldest son of William Uprichard, Bann Vale, Gilford on 22nd July 1875.

Elizabeth Barrington Pike married Henry Francis Greer, second son of the late Henry Greer of Lurgan on 5th August 1879.

Jane Nicholson Pike married Thomas Wakefield Pim son of George Clibborn Pim, Moyallon, Co. Down, on 15th October 1879.

Mary Busby Pike married Charles Alexander Gray, son of James Gray M.D., Glasgow on 30th September 1880.
Following his death she married Alexander Galt on 29th November 1890.

Lilian Ethel Pike married Francis Henry Greer, youngest son of the late Henry Greer of Lurgan on 17th August 1883.

James Pike and Richard Pike have proved harder to track down, there is an article in the Ballymena Observer in 1894 that mentions a James Pike returning to Farlough from Canada to promote emigration to that country. The 1891 Canadian census has a James Pike with wife Annie listed there, and in 1901 census there is a James A Pike in Marlborough Street, Derry with wife Annie born in Toronto.