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The Family of John Jackson Stanley and Caroline Matilda Leebody

John Jackson Stanley (184?-19??)
Caroline Matilda Leebody (185?-19??)
Married: 8th April 1870
William Leebody Stanley (1871-1890)
Harriet Elizabeth Stanley (1875-1937)
Mabel Jackson Stanley (1878-19??)
Carry-Maude Stanley (1880-19??)

The couple were married in Warrenpoint Parish Church, John is aged 20 and Caroline is of full age. John’s occupation is a sailor and his residence is given as Glasgow.
William Leebody Stanley died on 1st March 1890 in Dromore, he died of phthisis pulmonalis (tuberculosis) which he suffered from for a year. He was an apprentice carpenter, his death was reported by George Hanna of Dromore.

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The Family of Charles Stanley and Maria Carson

Charles Stanley (1841-1916)
Maria Carson (1856-1932)
Married: 30th November 1871
Thomas Carson Stanley (1873-1951)
James William Stanley (1874-19??)
John Charles Stanley (1878-19??)
Margaret Anna Stanley (1880-19??)
Joseph Robert Stanley (1883-19??)
Albert Stanley (1885-19??)
David Herbert Stanley (1887-1966)
Robert Edmund Stanley (1891-1912)
Maria Frances Elizabeth Stanley (1895-19??)

Thomas Carson Stanley was born on 17th February 1873 at Derryhale.

Walker Index

Abraham Walker (16??-1726)
Abraham Walker (1791-1827)
Ann Walker (16??-16??)
Ann Maria Walker (1880-19??)
Catherine Isabella Walker (1805-1866)
Charity Walker (16??-1712)
Elizabeth Walker (17??-18??)
George Walker (15??-16??)
George Walker (1618-1690)
George Walker (16??-17??)
George Walker (1766-1838)
Godfrey Walker (16??-16??)
Henry Walker (18??-1836)
James Walker (17??-18??)
John Walker (17??-1793)
John Alexander Walker (16??-1726)
Lucy Walker (16??-17??)
Mary Walker (1753-1826)
Robert Langley Walker (18??-18??)
Samuel Walker (17??-1769)
Sarah Walker (17??-18??)
Sarah Jane Walker (1852-1922)
Septima Walker (1783-1840)
Thomas Walker (1744-1810)

Locke Index

Eliza Locke (1877-1886)
Emily Locke (1884-19??)
George Locke (1842?-19??)
Jane Locke (1838-1909)
Jane Locke (1868-19??)
James Locke (1879-19??)
John Locke (1808?-1897)
Mary Locke (1852?-19??)
Mary Locke (1867-19??)

Jackson Index

Adelaide Jackson (1886-19??)
Esther Jackson (187?-19??)
Ethel Jackson (1890-1920)
Harriette Jackson (18??-18??)
John Jackson (1848-1905)
John Walker Jackson (1874-19??)
Martha Elizabeth Jackson (1872-1942)
Sarah Jane Jackson (1876-1878)
Sarah Jane Walker Jackson (1881-1945)
Susannah Jackson (1879-19??)
William George Jackson (1884-1957)

Bayly Index

Charles Adolphus Bayly (1868-1902)
Christina Catherine Bayly (1828-19??)
Elizabeth Matilda Bayly (1837-19??)
Florence Hester Bayly (1871-19??)
George Alexander Bayly (1874-19??)
Isabella Mary Bayly (1832-1916)
John William Bayly (180?-18??)
Marcella Adelaide Bayly (1830-1913)
Peter Bayly (17??-1863)
Thomas Alexansder Milne Bayly (1915-19??)
Thomas Johnston Bayly (1870-19??)
Thomas Lonsdale Alexander Bayly (1836-19??)

The Family of James Stanley and Harriette Jackson

James Stanley (1814-1853)
Harriette Jackson (18??-18??)
Married: 20th March 1844
Maria Stamer Stanley (1846-1938)
Louise Stanley (184?-19??)
Robert Stanley (184?-19??)
John Jackson Stanley (184?-19??)

There is very little information about James Stanley, other than that he was a farmer at the Grange, on the Loughgall Road, and he died at an early age. His wife Harriette was the only daughter of John Jackson of Ballinahonebeg, Armagh, and grand-daughter of Sir William Stamer, Bart.

See also: The Marriage of James Stanley and Harriette Jackson

The Family of Mary Stanley and James Browne

Mary Stanley (1806-1889)
James Browne (1804-1871)
Married: 21st December 1831
Robert Wilson Browne (1835-1901)
John Wilson Browne (183?-19??)
Thomas Walker Browne (183?-19??)
Wilson James Browne (1847-1888)
Eleanor Browne (183?-19??)
Jane Browne (183?-19??)
Mary Elizabeth Browne (183?-19??)
Septima Walker Stanley Browne (183?-19??)
Frances Margaret Anne Browne (1851?-1915)

The Family of Sinnamon Noble and Catherine Harpur

Sinnamon Noble (1837-1904)
Catherine Harpur (184?-19??)
Married: 1875
Mary Harpur Noble (1876-19??)
Catherine Ashmuir Noble (1879-1966)
Lilias Wentworth Noble (1881-1948)
Elizabeth Frances Cross Noble (1882-19??)
Emily Ann Noble (1884-19??)

Sinnamon Noble married Catherine Harpur probably in Dublin in first quarter of 1875. The couple separated around the time of the birth of their fifth daughter Emily Ann. Sinnamon died at Ussher Quay, Dublin on 28th July 1904 and was buried in the graveyard at St Marks Church of Ireland, Armagh on 30th July 1904. Catherine died on 28th May 1916 in Dublin. They had at least 5 children.

Mary Harpur Noble was born on 22nd September 1876 and baptized 26th December 1876 in St Marks Church of Ireland, Armagh. The family’s address is given as Thomas Street, Armagh and the father’s occupation as Land Agent.

Catherine Ashmuir was born on 18th May 1879 and baptized 20th July 1879 in Eglish Church of Ireland, Co Armagh. The family’s address for this and subsequent baptisms is given as Lisnafeedy, Co Armagh and the father’s occupation as Gentleman. Catherine was confirmed at St Patricks Cathedral (Church of Ireland), Armagh on 1st September 1897 aged 18. She married Walter Worthington Bamford in St James Church of Ireland, Moy on the 3rd October 1917

Lilias Wentworth was born on 22nd June 1881 and baptized 18th December 1881 in Eglish Church of Ireland, Co Armagh. She did nor marry, and lived for a time at Rosemount, Ballyedmond, Killowen, Co Down. She died on 14th May 1948 and was buried in the graveyard at Clonallon Church of Ireland.

Elizabeth Frances Cross was born on 9th October 1882, and baptized 24th August 1883, in Eglish Church of Ireland, Co Armagh.

Emily Ann was born on 26th August 1884, and baptized 15th February 1885, in Eglish Church of Ireland, Co Armagh.

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Lilias Wentworth Noble and Elizabeth Frances Cross Noble in the 1901 Census


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