The Family of Henry Stanley and Frances Grace Robinson

Henry Stanley (1820-1888)
Frances Grace Robinson (1826-1862)
Married: 13th February 1845
Frances Grace Stanley (184?-19??)
John Robinson Stanley (1850?-1894)
Mary Grace Stanley (1852-19??)
Sarah Grace Stanley (185?-19??)
Nicholas Bindon Robinson Stanley (1853-1873)
Henry Robinson Stanley (1854?-1917)
Charles Stanley (1854-1873)
Edward Stanley (1856-1856)
Septima Walker Stanley (1857-1862)
Robert Oliver Grace Stanley (1859-1934)
Kezia Stanley (1861-19??)
Eliza Catherine Stanley (1862-19??)

The following information is taken from the registers of St Marks, Church of Ireland, Portadown:
Charles Stanley, was born on 22nd May 1854 and baptised on 16th July 1854.
Edward Stanley, was born on 3rd February 1856 and baptised on 13th February 1856.
Septima Walker Stanley, was born on 13th June 1857 and baptised on 9th August 1857.
Robert Oliver Grace Stanley, was born on 27th April 1859 and baptised on 23rd June 1859.
Kezia Stanley, was born on 14th April 1861 and baptised on 29th September 1861.
Elizabeth Catherine Stanley, was born on 19th December 1862 and baptised on 25th December 1862.

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