The Family of Matthew Robert Bell and Anna Maria Maffett

Matthew Robert Bell (1810-1889)
Anna Maria Maffett (1815-1876)
Married: 28th April 1835
Margaret Sarah Bell (1836-1913)
Matthew Charles Bell (183?-1918)
William Bushby Bell (1837-1889)
Anna Katharine Bell (184?-1890)
Adele Sarah Bell (184?-1923)
See also: The Stanley, Bell and Maffett Families

Notes: from THE BELL FAMILY by Matthew Bell PRONI Ref:D/3000/23/1
Married: Matthew Robert Bell to Anna Maria Moffett on the 28th day of April 1835.
Born: Margaret Sarah Bell their Daughter 28th January 1836.
Born: William Bushby Bell 12th January 1837.

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