Everard Hamilton ‘Hamilton Memoirs’

In 1891 Everard Hamilton compiled ‘Hamilton Memoirs: Historical and Genealogical Notices of a Branch of that Family which settled in Ireland in the Reign of King James I’.
A second edition was published in 1920. A copy of this second edition has been published on the web by Colin Fendall Butler Hamilton.

Chapter 20 gives the descendants of William Maffett,

http://www.stirnet.com/HTML/famhist/sel … /CH20.html


Chapter 21 gives the descendants of Alfred Harmsworth who married Geraldine Mary the daughter of William Maffett,

http://www.stirnet.com/HTML/famhist/sel … /CH21.html

Everard and Helen Hamilton and others
Everard Hamilton is seated on the left and Helen Hamilton is seated in the centre. The person seated on the right is W.A. White, the three children are Daphne, Desmond & Eric Harmsworth and their mother Emilie Harmsworth née Maffett is standing on the right. The photo was probably taken at Henley in 1912.

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