Obituary – Miss Annie Hunter Hardy

Another link with the Bessbrook of old has been severed through the death of Miss Annie Hunter Hardy, which took place at her residence “Old Drumlyn,” Moyallon, Portadown, on Sunday. Miss Hardy, who was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Hardy, C.E., Bessbrook, was for many years companion to the late Mrs. J. G. Richardson, wife of the founder of Bessbrook. She was a sister of the late Rev. Henry E. Hardy, Rector of Killyman, and a sister-in-law of the late Rev. Chancellor Henry Todd, M.A.,  who for over 30 years was Rector of Bessbrook. Miss Hardy belonged to one of Bessbrook’s most esteemed families, and although all but one of the family are dead and the survivor long since left the village, the name still remains as “Hardy’s Corner,” where the family lived, is a landmark for many miles around. The funeral took place on Wednesday to Christ Church, Bessbrook.

Ulster Gazette & Armagh Standard, Thursday, 8th December 1955, p10, c3.

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