Memorial Service – Lieutenant-Colonel Percy Collingwood Burton


A memorial service for Lieutenant-Colonel Percy Collingwood Burton was held yesterday at St. Dunstan-in-the-West, Fleet Street.  Prebendary A. J. Macdonald officiated assisted by the Rev. J. F. L. Durham, and an address was given by Mr. Philip Gee. Those present included:-

Mrs. Burton, Mr. and Mrs. Basil Burton (son and daughter-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bielenberg (son-in-law and daughter), Mrs. MacDonald (daughter), Mr. Richard Burton, Mr. Nicholas and Mr. John Bielenberg, Miss C. and Miss J. MacDonald, Mr. Kevin MacDonald, Major and Mrs. G. P. Burton (brother and sister-in-law), Lord and Lady Harmsworth, Viscount Rothermere, Mr. and Mrs. Eric Harmsworth, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil King, Mr Stuart McClean, Mrs. B. M. Betts.

Patricia Countess of Cottenham, Lord Burnham, Lord Brabazon of Tara, Sir Ambrose Heal, Mr. G. P. Simon (general manager, Daily Telegraph), Mr. E. H. Hill and Mr. Harold Williams (Daily Herald), Lieutenant-Colonel S. Boyle (Friendly Brothers of St. Patrick), Major-General J. A. M. Bond (London Press Exchange), Mr. H. W. Snoad (managing director, Amalgamated Press), Mr. E. A. Sursham (director, Anglo-Newfoundland Development Company), Mr. C. W. V. Truefitt (advertisement director, Daily Mail), Mr. Maurice Pitcher (Sunday Dispatch), Mr. S. C. W. Disney (secretary, “Old Ben”). Major Whitley Lavarack (deputy president, English Golf Union) and Mrs. Lavarack, Mr. N. C. Blanch (director, St. James’s Advertising and Publishing Company and London Press Exchange), Mr. E. A. Blanch, Colonel Bruce Logan (Army Welfare), Mr. Gerald Roberts (Lucifer Golfing Society), Mr. W. R. P. Gronow (Hertfordshire Golf Union), Mr. W. Weal (editor, World Press News) with Mr. K. R. Viney (assistant editor), Mr. C. C. Collins (advertisement director) and other members of the staff, Dr. Leslie Lankester, Mr. Ralph Hodgson, Mr. Noel Gee, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Harwood, Mr. H. Nutcombe Hume, and representatives of other publishing associations.

The Times Saturday, May 30, 1953; pg. 8

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