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Additions in April 2018

The Marriages of George Locke

George Locke married twice, he first married Elizabeth Leeman in 1866. Following her death on 5th April 1903, he married Elizabeth Doran on 25th February 1904.

The Family of George Locke and Elizabeth Leeman.
The Family of George Locke and Elizabeth Doran.


I have the results of an autosomal DNA test that I took with Family Tree DNA (FTDNA).

I have also copied the results to where my kit number is T634932.

I have recently taken a Y67 DNA test and my predicted haplogroup is R-M269. As a result of this I have joined the Byrne/Burns Y-DNA project on FTDNA.

The following two links give an idea of what you can determine from Y-DNA testing, the subject is a Mr Burns (not me) but he does have the same haplogroup.

PART I: Case Study – Pinpointing the Burns Irish Paternal Ancestral Genetic Homeland

PART II: Reconstructing the Burn’s Ancient Paternal Ancestral Journey

The Family of John Locke and Mary ?

John Locke (1808?-1897)
Mary ? (1809?-1883)
Married: 183?
Jane Locke (1838-1909)
George Locke (1842?-19??)
Mary Locke (1852?-19??)

John Locke died on 29th May 1897 at the age of 89. He is reported as being a widower in Corkley, his death is probably senile decay as there was no medical attendance and was reported by his son, George Locke.

Locke Index

Eliza Locke (1877-1886)
Emily Locke (1884-19??)
George Locke (1842?-19??)
Jane Locke (1838-1909)
Jane Locke (1868-19??)
James Locke (1879-19??)
John Locke (1808?-1897)
Mary Locke (1852?-19??)
Mary Locke (1867-19??)