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Additions in February 2018

The Family of Peter Bayly and Isabella Anne ?

Peter Bayly (17??-1863)
Isabella Anne ? (18??-1838)
Christina Catherine Bayly (1828-19??)
Isabella Mary Bayly (1832-1916)
Thomas Lonsdale Alexander Bayly (1836-19??)
Elizabeth Matilda Bayly (1837-19??)

Tracking this family is complicated by the fact that there are two Peter Baylys operating in the same area, time frame and profession, both born in the late 1700s, one dying in 1862 and this one dying in 1863.

There were probably more children born than are recorded here, a son Thomas is listed among the deaths in a Dublin newspaper in 1834 along with the comment that this is the second of his children to die in a matter of days [see].

Christina Catherine was born on 2nd December 1829, she later married Thomas Casserly M.D. from Roscommon son of Myles Casserly M.D. on 7th April 1853.

Fry Index

Anthony Ellerton Ryan Fry (1918-1943)
William Ellerton Ryan Fry (188?-19??)
William Ellerton Fry (186?-19??)

The Family of Janetta Margaret Elizabeth Browne and William Ellerton Bryan Fry

Janetta Margaret Elizabeth Browne (1886-19??)
William Ellerton Ryan Fry (188?-19??)
Married: 12 September 1913

William Ellerton Ryan Fry was the son of William Ellerton Fry who served in the Pioneer Corps in South Africa in the 1890s and subsequently made his home there.

The family had a baby girl on 15th October 1915 in Oaklee, Rondebosh, South Africa and a son on 27th September 1920 in Harrow, Cape Province, South Africa. Another son was Anthony Ellerton Ryan Fry a Flying Officer in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve who was awarded a Distinguished Flying Cross in December 1940. He reached the rank of Flight Lieutenant before being killed a few months later on 28th April 1941. He was aged 23 and had completed a B.Sc. (Hons) at London University.

The Family of Mary Eleanor Browne and William Brewster Dunn

Mary Eleanor Browne (1882-19??)
William Brewster Dunn (187?-19??)
Married: 17th August 1910

Mary Eleanor Brown married William Brewster Dunn, a Captain in the 4th Battalion Dublin Fusiliers, son of William H. Dunn, gentleman. They were married in St Anne’s Parish Church, Dungannon, the wedding was witnessed by Thomas Wallace Dickie, and the bride’s sister Elizabeth Browne.