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The Stanley, Bell and Maffett families

The relationship between the Stanley and Bell families was created when John Stanley married Catherine Sarah Bell, at the time of the marriage both their fathers John Stanley and Matthew Bell were general merchants in Armagh. The relationship between the Stanley and Maffett families was through the Bell family, and it was probably this relationship that allowed John Stanley to describe himself as a solicitor with offices in Armagh and Dublin.

The relationship between the Bell and Maffett families is a lot closer. According to family legend Matthew Bell was engaged to Margaret Crookes of Clogher, William Maffett came along and married her on 11th November 1809 and Matthew ended up marrying her sister Sarah Crookes probably in the same year. Both sisters were daughters of James Crookes who taught at the Royal School in Armagh. The families were brought closer when William and Margaret’s daughter Anne Marie married Matthew and Sarah’s son Matthew Robert on 28th April 1835, and again when a daughter Ellen Amelia of William’s second marriage to Margaret Finlayson married Alexander Bell on 5th August 1862, Alexander being the son of Matthew’s brother Thomas.

The Maffetts were presumably included in ‘The Stanley Family Tree’ so that Lord Northcliffe and Lord Rothermere’s name could be included.

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